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Cape May Lighthouse

Located in Cape May Point State Park – 215 Lighthouse Avenue 

Tickets to climb the 199 steps of the lighthouse may be purchased online or at the lighthouse during hours of operation. 

An outside view our our Lighthouse

A NJTVNews Visit to Cape May Lighthouse on National Lighthouse Day 

Take a Tour of the Lighthouse

Take a walk to the top of the lighthouse for wonderful views of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Cape May skies. 

Cape May Lighthouse History

The Cape May Lighthouse is located at the tip of Cape May County in Cape May Point State Park. It was built in 1859 under the supervision of U.S. Army, automated in 1946, and continues operation to this day. It is the third fully documented lighthouse to be built at Cape May Point. The first was built in 1823; the second in 1847. The exact locations of the first two lighthouses are now underwater due to erosion. There are 199 steps to the top of the lighthouse.